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Our Culture

●EnterpriseMission: science and technology industrial, quality create brand, the good faith management, the pursuit of excellence.

●Enterprisephilosophy: talent is the root of the enterprise, management is the foundation of enterprise;innovation is the soul of the enterprise, the good faith is the standard for business enterprises.

●ServiceMission: wholeheartedly provide users with high quality service and qualified products!

●Enterprisespirit: solidarity, expanding, work hard, keep pace with the times, kindness.

● Enterpriseslogan: for the future, keep moving.

●Quality idea: a man without we have, other has we optimize.

● Humanistic philosophy: family, harmonious.

●Marketing concept: row, deep tillage, take root.

●Enterprisepolicy: professional, focused, concentrated.

●Concept of choose and employ persons: not stick to one pattern, a meritocracy.

●Innovative concept: mechanism innovation, management innovation, technological innovation, marketing innovation.

● Business philosophy: social satisfaction, customer satisfaction, employee satisfaction, shareholder satisfaction.

●Management concept: service, collaboration and unity.

●Professional quality:  professional, happy, sincere, dedication.

●Business strategy: adhere to the science and technology enterprise, specialized and stronger, do big internationalization.

●Gratefulness: Be grateful to each other and ready to repay the help given!

About HRYA

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