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How to make the support strip of cold shrinkable cable accessories?

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The cold-shrink cable attachment support bar is made of polypropylene as raw material, extruded into a belt bite card on the sliver, and then pressed into a cylinder with a specific inner diameter with a special machine, cut off according to a specific length, both ends of the spot welding with a welding gun, do not let loose, in the expansion of all kinds of components of the cold-shrink cable attachment, will be a reverse through the support bar inside, do a stretching head, That is, when the installation of the spare lead, and then the lead end of the welding, made into finished cold shrink cable accessories products.

The price of PP material is low, the strength is large, the production is simple, the mechanical equipment is relatively simple, the internal binding force of the support bar is more uniform, when the installation and extraction, the force is good control, easy to control the shrinkage progress.

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