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electric metering box

Brief instruction:

A metering box(ammeter box) is used to make low-voltage cable branch box

Box material is a resin - based composite material box is mainly composed of

ABS engineering plastic, polycarbonate transparent PC material, DMC, SMC 

four materials injection molding, pressing.

Scope of application and conditions of use:

PC meter box including single-phase meter box and three-phase meter box two parts, applicable to AC 50Hz or 60Hz,

 rated voltage 220V, rated current 380V 690V power supply system in 10A-225A for

 single-phase power and dynamic power measurement and control.


PC meter box with a new type of environmental protection engineering polycarbonate (PC) manufacturing, 

with high insulation performance, good transparency, UV resistance, aging resistance, acid rain, salt spray resistance, 

low temperature resistance, impact resistance and other properties. With good ventilation, rain, heat and other functions. 

Normal service life of more than 20 years.

The meter box adopts the integrated design idea, a table to sixteen all kinds of electric energy meter and the measuring circuit 

is assembled in a closed box integration, not only has small occupied space, easy installation and management,

 but also can stop stealing hit metering device, preventing electricity stealing.

The PC meter box is beautiful in appearance, and the proportion is even,

the line is smooth, and it can be conveniently and firmly installed on the concrete wall. Box components compact structure,

 reasonable layout, clear and smooth lines. The box cover hook, screw and padlock box and interlock.

 Only the reading function, people do not need to open the tube can directly see the abnormal phenomenon inside, 

so as to improve the safety of electric exclusion, so as to realize the safe use of electricity, the preventive management objectives.

The usual box structure:



Our advantages:(including the metering box):

  1. MANUFACTURER of electric meter and big distributor of electric meter box

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    the other is the manufacturer of electric meters.

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  3. 1 years warranty period after operated.

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    The useage of all products are longers,but the warranty period is just one year.Sorry,but we must take the currenty rated....into consideration.

    Wish you understanding!

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