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dc power supply factory

Application scope:

This product--dc power supply is suitable for the direct current power supply system which is less than 250Ah,

suitable for the turn on/off institution、35KV/110KW transformer substation、power plants、industrial and mining enterprises、

electric railways and high-rise building,etc...as a high voltage switch、relay protection and automatic device operation and control of power supply.


Executive standard:

Standard:DT/T 1074-2007 power and integration of dc and ac uninterruptible power supply equipment.


Type of meaning:


E--Company Enboli

GZDW--DC panel for power system

口--capacity of battery

口--output voltage


System Characteristics of dc power supply:

(1) :The main monitor adopt 320*240LCD English menu display, touch screen operation.

(2) :Monitoring and control system adopts and modular building block structure,

multi-CPU distributed control, and internal connection through RS485 bus.

(3) :Configurable battery inspection, insulation line selection,switch quantity detection unit.

(4) :Support all wiring schemes(including three charge,dual battery pack, the bus section).

(5) :Can support two bus bar insulation branch testing, each period of up 120.

(6) :The main monitoring system provides RS232/RS485 interface with built-in RTU,CDT and MODBUS communication protocols, 

which can be connected to the automation system of the power station.


System technical parameters:

(1) Current input: AC380V±15%,frequency 50Hz±10%s.

(2) Output voltage:180V-286V(220V System) can be set up freely set arbitrary 90 V to 143 V,110V system).

(3) Output current: 2A-40A,(220V system),20A-80A(110V system)

(4) Battery capacity: 250AH and below the capacity of direct current system

(5) Rectifier module: our company 10A and more than 10A rectifier modules.

(6) Limited current: 10%-110% set up freely

(7) Efficiency: >94%

(8) Voltage accuracy: <0.5%

(9) Ripper factor: <0.5%

(10) Steady flow accuracy:<0.5%

(11) Insulation resistance: >10MΩ

(12) Pressure: 2KVAC one minute no flash-over, no breakdown

(13) Battery charge management: automatic

(14) Battery temperature compensation: the user can be set

(15) Man -machine interface:320X240 LCD English characterizes display, touch operation

(16) Communication connection: support RS232 and RS485 communication types, 

provides RTU,CDT,MODBUS three communication protocol options.

(17) Dimension of cabinet: (H*W*D) mm=2260*800*600 or 2360*800*600

(18) Colors:many options

(19) System wiring schemes: all wiring schemes


DC power supply of system scheme configuration:


Scheme choose

Scheme instruction

JK system main monitoring unit

Necessary parts

This solution is suitable for 250Ah and below of dc power supply system,

 provides network AC incoming line,automatic switch feeder output 5 control 5 combination

(can be configured according to needs) using charging.

The front door of the cabinet boy is equipped with aluminum alloy frame tempered glass,

the back door is double door,and the top is equipped with exhaust heat dissipation window.

Note: emergency signal or warning signal alarm function and 

inverter DC/AC and voltage conversion module DC/DC can be added according to the user requirements.

220V or 110V rectifier module

Depressurized silicon chain

Feeder output

Charging,feeding,and battery converged cabinet

Flash player


The battery inspection unit

Insulation monitoring unit

Switching quantity monitoring unit




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