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ELNS860S universal current vector inverter,

Widely used in CNC machining centers, lifting equipment,printing and packaging equipment,

textile equipment, printing and dyeing equipment,metal products, petrochemical industry, 

high-end applications and other industries.



ELNC860S series universal current vector inverter has powerful current vector control performance and can regulate motors 

with higher efficiency and accuracy,combined with a variety of expansion card options and support a plenty of field bus.

Abundant modes of frequency source position and switching advanced PID  algorithm, 16-segment speed and

 automatic program operation, swing frequency control and speed tracking functions, not only improve product reliability and

 environmental adaptability,but also strengthen customer usability and professional design, with more optimized functions,

more flexible applications and more stable performance.It can be widely used in CNC machining centers, lifting equipment,

printing and packaging equipment,textile equipment, printing and dyeing equipment,metal products, petrochemical industry,

 high-end applications and other industries.


Mode name meanings:

ELNS 860S-4T-0015-G-B

ELNS860S---frequency inverter series

4T---voltage class 2S:single phase 220V;4T: three phase 380V

0015--Adapting motor power

G--Type(G:general type P: fan and water pump type)

B--Brake unit( Empty: none B:including braking unit)


Product Features:


Multiple protection functions: over-voltage, over-current, overload,overheating,etc.

Setting of stall protection level for over-voltage and over-current

Section 2 jumping frequency can effectively avoid the mechanical resonance point.



Automatic torque lifting: starting torque of 0.5Hz can reach 150%

Automatic slip compensation: more accurate speed

Instantaneous stop: keep running for a short time in case of instantaneous power failure

Low noise: the motor runs more smoothly

Overload capacity:150% rated torque can run for 60 seconds.


(3) Multi-function:

Main/auxiliary frequency addition and subtraction control frequency mode

Input pulse control frequency.

The maximum pulse output can reach 100KHZ

According to user definition, it can display voltage,current,set frequency,output frequency,rotating speed,etc.

Pendulum frequency,fixed length and counting functions.

 Built-in PLC can run at 16 speeds.

Support multiple frequency settings:digital setting, analog setting,PID setting, multi-speed setting,

Simple PLC setting, PULSE setting and RS485 communication setting.

Embeded RS485 communication interface supports Modbus protocol.


(4) Input/output

Input functions: two-wire/three-wire control mode,external EF,UP/DOWN,

automatic program operation control,counting,pulse input,etc.

Output function: counting arrival indication, frequency arrival indication,over-torque indication,

overload warning,etc.


(5)0.75~22KW can be built-in brake unit.



 MODEL:    SLNC860S-4T0015GB

  POWER:    4KW 9A/5.5KW 13A

   INPUT:    3PH AC380V 50HZ/60HZ

 OUTPUT:    3PH AC0V-380V OHZ-500HZ

     S.N:    bar code



Control mode: Open-loop vector control (SVC)

            V/F control

            Closed-loop vector control(FVC)

V/F curve:

Four ways: linear; multi-point type; complete V/F separation;Incomplete V/F separation.


Place of use: Indoor,free from direct sunlight, free of dust,corrosive gas,combustible gas,oil mist,water vapor,dripping water or salt etc.

Altitude:Less than 1000m

Ambient temperature:-10℃~+40℃(please use it in a debated way, if it’s between 40℃~50℃)

Humidity: Less than 95%RH,and no water condensation

Vibration: less than 5.9m/s 2(0.6g)

Storage temperature:-20℃~+60℃

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