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MNS lv panel

Brief instruction:

MNS low-voltage pull-out switchgear (hereinafter referred to as the switchgear) --lV panel 

is a low-voltage pull-out switchgear developed by our company after referring to the company's MNS series 

low-voltage switchgear and comprehensive improvement. The products are composed of standardized, series of modules, 

and drawer with a reliable mechanical interlocking device, users in the use of more safe, more reliable.

Basic info:

Model No.MNSVoltageAC380V
Transformer PackageCustomizedSpecificationAs per data sheet

MNS Overview

MNS LV with drawable switchgear (hereinafter referred to as device) --LV panel is manufactured by standard module through 

consulting MNS series low voltage switch cabinet of Switzerland ABB Co-mpany,and synthetically improved.

The device is applicable to the system with AC 50Hz, rated working voltage 660Vand below,used as control device

 for various power generation,transmission, distribution, power transfer and power consumption device.

It is widely used in low voltage distribution system of various mining enterprise, tall building and hotel,municipal construction etc.

Besides the general land use,after special disposal, it also can be used for marine petrol drill taken platform and nuclear power station

The device accords with international standard IEC439-1 and national standard GB7251.1.

MNS Main feature of lv panel:

1. Compact design: Contain more function units with less space.

2.Strong versatility for structure,flexible assembly.Ctype bar section of 25mm modulus

 can meet the demands of various structure

and type, protection grade and operating environment

3.Adopt standard module design,can becombined into 

protection,operation,transfer.control.resulation. measurement.

indication etc such standardunits.User can choose assembly according to requirement at will. 

Cabinet structure and drawer unit can be formed with more than 200 components

4.Fine security:Adopt high strength antiflamingtype engineering plastic pack in large quantity 

to effectively enhance the protective safety performance.

5.High technical performance:Main parameters reach the advanced level at home.

MNS the main technical parameters:

Rated working


Rated insulation


Rated working current(A)

Rated short-time

withstand current

RMS(IS)/peak (kA) 

Protection grade 

of shell


Horizontal bus bar

Vertical bus barHorizontal bus barVertical bus bar

Outline dimension



2200X600(800 1000)


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