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KYN28-24kV high voltage switchgear


KYN28-24(Z) series alternating-current metal-clad and metal-enclosed with drawable switchgear(high voltage switchgear)

(hereinafter referred to as “switchgear” ) is a complete set of power distribution unit of three-phasesingle bus

 and single bus section system of 20kV and AC50(60)Hz.

This switchgear is mainly applicable to power plants, power transmitting of middle and small sized generators,

distribution of industrial and mining enterprises, electricity receiving and transmitting of secondary substations,

as well as starting of large high- voltage motors, etc, realizes control protection and monitoring.

It has “five preventions” , it prevents on-load pushing or pulling circuit breaker' s handcart, prevents making or

 breaking circuit breaker by mistake, prevents closing circuit breaker when the earthing switch is at closing position, 

prevents entering into live compartment by mistake, and prevents closing earthing switch under live condition.

It can be equipped with the NV1-24 type vacuum circuit breaker developed by our company,

 it really is an ideal distribution equipment with perfect performances.

It complies with the standards GB 3906, GB/T11022 and IEC 60298.


High voltage switchgear series

Use environmental conditions

1. Ambient airtemperature: -15°C ~+40°C;

2. Altitude: W 1000m;

3. Relative humidity: daily mean relative humidity not over 95%, monthly mean not over 90%;

4. Seismic intensity: not beyond Ms8;

5. The installation site should be free of fire, explosive danger, serious pollution,

 chemical corrosion or severevibration.

6. If the product is intended for locations beyond the normal service conditions stipulated byGB3906,

 please negotiate with our company.

 The main technical parameters





Matched circuit breaker NV1-24

Rated voltage



lmin power frequency withstand voltage



Rated impulse withstand voltage (peak)



Rated frequency



Rated current


630 1250 1600 2000 2500 3150

Rated current of branch bus


630 12501600 2000 2500

Rated short-time withstand current


16 20 25 31.5

Rated peak withstand current


40 50 63 80

Rated short-circuit duration



Degree of protection

The enclosure is IP4X, 

it is IP2X when the compartment door 

and circuit breaker chamber door are opened



800 1000 ( Rated current 1600A above)


Product structure performance characteristics

1. Switchgear of 24kV with compact volume

Structure of this product is similar to that of mid-set switchgear of 12kV, the product is applicable to systems of 20kV,

 need not composite insulation or interphase separator,with outstanding insulation performance.

2. Safe structure, flexible installation

This switchgear is composed of cabinet body and mid-set withdrawable part (i.e. handcart) two parts. 

The cabinet body is divided into four separate compartments, degree of protection of the enclo-sure is IP4X,

 and the protection degree is IP2X when compartment doors and circuit breaker chamber door are opened. 

It has overhead incoming and outgoing lines, cable incoming and outgoing lines and other function schemes,

 it can become power distribution unit of different schemes and forms after permutation and combination.

 This switchgear can be installed, debugged and maintained from the front side, 

so it can be arranged in duplex by means of back-to-back or arranged against the wall, 

which not only improves its safety and flexibility, but also reduces the floor space.

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