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 The product has characteristics of high breaking capacity, fine dynamic and thermal stability, flexible electric project,

 convenient combination, better serial practicability, novel structure and high protection grade etc. 

It accords with the standards IEC439 "Low voltage...

Basic of lv panel:

Model No:GGDApplication RangePower plants
Shell material

Aluminium Zinc


Shell protection GradeIP56
Transport PackageCustomizedSpecificationAs per data sheet
HS code85372090

Overview of lv panel:

GGD AC LV fixed type switchgear is applicable to the distribution system with AC 50Hz,rated working voltage 380V. 

rated current to 3150A below in power station,substation,plant enter-prise etc.,

used for power transfer,distribution and control for power, lighting and distribution devices

The product has characteristics of high breaking capacity,fine dynamic and thermal stability,flexible electric project,

 convenient combination,better serial practicability,novel structure and high protection grade etc.

It accords with the standards IEC439 “Lowvoltage complete switch device and control device”and GB7251.1 

“Low voltage complete switch device” etc.

GGD Main feature

1.The body of GGD AC LVfixed type switchgear (GGD lv panel) adopts universal cabinet type.

Framework is assembled with 8MF cold bending bar steel through part welding.

Framework components and special mating elements are matched by bar steel pointed manufactory for 

ensuring the precision and quality of cabine.Components of universal cabinet is designed according to module principle,

and with20 modulus mounting hole and high universal coefficient.

2.Completely in view of the heat rejection duringcabinetrunning.Heat rejection slots of 

different quantities are installed in upper and underside both ends of cabinet

3.According to the requirements on mold design for modern industry products, 

adopting the method of golden mean ratio to

design cabinet outline and parting dimensions of each part, to make the whole cabinet beautiful and decent

4.Cabinet gate is connected with framework with rotation axis type movable hinge.

With convenient installation and disassembly. One mount type rubber strip is set in edge fold of gate.

Filler rod between gate and framework has certain compression stroke when closing the gate.

It can prevent gate from impacting cabinet directly and also advance the protection grade for gate.

5. Connect the meter gate set with electrical components with framework by multistrand soft copper wire.

Connect the mounting pieces inside the cabinet with framework by knurled screws.

The whole cabinet constructs complete earthing protective circuit.

6.Top cover of cabinet can be disassembled if necessary for convenience to the assembly and 

adjustment for main bus bar at site. Four squares of cabinet are set with slinger for hoisting and shipping

7.Protection erade of cabinet:IP30.User can choose within P20~IP40 according to environmental reguirements

GGD The main technical parameters:

TypeRated voltage(V)Rated Current(A)

Rated short circuit

breaking current(kA)

Rated short time 

withstand current


Rated peak

withstand current


GGD13801000 600(630) 4001515(15)30
GGD23801500 1600 10003030(15)63
GGD33803150 (2500) 20005050(15)105

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